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Vuelos baratos a Senegal


Senegal is a scintillating country with a fascinating culture, friendly inhabitants and an exquisitely beautiful coastline that is no less than 750 kilometres long. 

Senegal is situated in West Africa, in the northern hemisphere. The flat landscape is broken by two extinct volcanoes on the peninsula containing the city of Dakar. Because of their shape, they are popularly known as “Les Mamelles” (the Breasts).

Senegal has many beautiful beaches. It has a pleasant temperature, mainly thanks to the gentle breeze coming from the sea. You can spend hours gazing at the ocean, watch fishing boats or take part in water sports. The villages of Joal and Fadiout are certainly worth a visit. They have been built on three small islands that are made entirely of shells.

  • Dakar

    Dakar es una viva y dinámica ciudad con encantadores mercados, una bulliciosa vida en la calle y clima cálido y soleado. 

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