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Flights to Bucharest

In Bucharest, you will discover Romania in all its glory and can immerse yourself in a mixed culture with Hungarian and German influences.

Bucharest is truly an open-air museum. You certainly shouldn’t miss the Princely Court with the ruins of the palace of Vlad Tepes, otherwise known as Dracula. Prince Dracula founded the city of Bucharest in 1459. Other attractions include Stavropoleos church and Lipscani street, which is well-known for the large number of gypsies selling their wares on the street.

You should also certainly visit Revolution Square. In 1989 the revolution to overthrow the Ceausescu regime occurred in and around this square. The People’s Palace is also a reminder of the turbulent times when Romania was ruled by this dictator. This huge palace was actually built by Ceausescu as the headquarters of his Communist government. 


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
15:55 14:00 SN7231/7016/4031 X X
15:55 14:00 SN7231/7000/4031 X X X
15:55 23:05 SN7231/7016/4035 X
15:55 23:05 SN7231/7000/4035 X X
15:55 23:05 SN7231/7002/4035 X X
15:55 23:05 SN7231/7018/4035 X X
15:55 23:05 SN7231/7006/4035 X X
15:55 23:05 SN7231/7010/4035 X X
15:55 23:05 SN7231/7004/4035 X
17:25 23:05 SN7235/7052/4035 X X
17:25 23:05 SN7235/7054/4035 X X
17:25 23:05 SN7235/7058/4035 X
17:55 14:00 SN502/4031 X X X
17:55 23:05 SN502/4035 X X
21:45 23:05 SN7233/7006/4035 X X
21:45 23:05 SN7233/7010/4035 X X
21:45 23:05 SN7233/7004/4035 X
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