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Flights to Budapest

Budapest is a dynamic city that has just awoken from a long sleep. You will be taken on a journey back into time.

The mighty Danube flows through Budapest. The river divides the city into two parts: Buda and Pest. Buda is hilly, has a mediaeval atmosphere and was home to most of the aristocracy. Pest is flat, has a nineteenth-century atmosphere and was the district inhabited by the bourgeoisie. The two worlds were linked by seven bridges, each with its own ambience.

Only a few statues in Budapest still commemorate the Russian period. Most of the statues of this period have been replaced by statues of Hungarian heroes. In Szobor Park at the border of the city, there is a collection of communist statues that once dominated the city. Most historical architectural styles are represented in Budapest. The hotchpotch of styles is clearly shown in the fairytale Vajdahunyad Castle.


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06:55 17:15 SN2310/2825 X X X X X
12:15 17:15 SN2304/2825 X X X X X
12:15 22:55 SN2304/2829 X X X X X
12:50 22:55 SN2304/2829 X
15:50 22:55 SN2306/2829 X X X
17:35 22:55 SN2306/2829 X
06:55 14:10 SN2310/7001/7143 X X X X X
06:55 16:15 SN2310/7053/7157 X X
06:55 18:10 SN2310/7001/7145 X
06:55 18:10 SN2310/7003/7145 X
06:55 18:10 SN2310/7019/7145 X
08:55 16:15 SN2310/7053/7157 X
08:55 18:10 SN2310/7019/7145 X
12:15 19:40 SN2304/7057/7153 X X X X
12:15 22:30 SN2304/7007/7147 X
12:15 22:30 SN2304/7009/7147 X X X X
12:15 22:30 SN2304/7011/7147 X X X X
12:15 23:05 SN2304/7059/7155 X X X X X
12:15 23:05 SN2304/7057/7155 X X X X
12:50 22:25 SN2304/7007/7147 X
12:50 23:05 SN2304/7059/7155 X
15:50 22:30 SN2306/7009/7147 X X X
15:50 23:05 SN2306/7059/7155 X X X
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