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Flights to Frankfurt

The city of Frankfurt is not only the financial centre of Germany and Europe, it also has a great deal to offer tourists.

During the Second World War, the city was heavily damaged but a few historic buildings survived. The lovely Römerberg square is certainly worth a visit, with the impressive Frankfurt Cathedral just around the corner. Museum lovers are bound to love the city. Frankfurt has no fewer than 14 museums including the German Film Museum, the Rosso Bianco Car Museum and the Chaplin Archive.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was born in Frankfurt. The house where this author was born is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. Not far from this, you will encounter the town of Hanau, the birthplace of the Brothers Grimm. During your time in Frankfurt, don't forget to taste the local specialities: Frankfurter sausages and Stöffche, a kind of apple wine.


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06:55 11:10 SN2310/7001 X X X X X
06:55 12:10 SN2310/7003 X X X X X
06:55 14:10 SN2310/7019 X
06:55 16:10 SN2310/7005 X X X X X
08:55 14:10 SN2310/7019 X
08:55 16:10 SN2310/7005 X
08:55 18:10 SN2310/7007 X
08:55 19:05 SN2310/3157/7096 X
12:15 18:10 SN2304/7007 X
12:15 19:10 SN2304/7011 X X X X
12:15 19:35 SN2304/2811/7122 X
12:15 20:10 SN2304/7009 X X X X X
12:15 20:40 SN2304/2811/7122 X X X
12:50 18:10 SN2304/7007 X
12:50 20:10 SN2304/7009 X
12:50 20:35 SN2304/2811/7122 X
15:50 20:10 SN2306/7009 X X X
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