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Flights to Marrakech

Welcome to the city after which the Kingdom of Morocco was named. The beautiful and mysterious "red city", is the preferred leisure destination in Morocco.

Founded in 1062, modern day Marrakesh is a mixture of ancient traditions, rich cultural life and new Moroccan way of life. Famous for its Riads, its lively souks, its palm grove and millenium "Djemaa El Fna" square (not to be missed !), the old city center (Medina) labyrinth will take you to a world of vibrant colors, delightful aromas and traditional atmosphere !

Why not go see a Fantasia (traditionnal horse racing show) while eating a delicious couscous ? With an all-year-round sun shining wheather, Marrakesh is definitely the perfect exotic destination.


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
08:55 17:50 SN2310/1601 X
08:55 18:10 SN2310/3841 X
19:55 17:50 SN2308/1601 X
19:55 18:10 SN2308/3841 X
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