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Flights to Athens

Athens is an essential touristic destination because of its richness in major historical monuments, literature and culinary tradition. 

An unexpected bonus for users of the Athens metro are the antiquities that turned up when the metro was being excavated, which are now on display completely free of charge within metro stations in central Athens. The largest collection is at Syntagma station, but you can also see artifacts at the Panepistimio station and part of an ancient Athens drainage system and kilns at Evangelismos.

Athens SpotlightedIf you're visiting around Christmas be sure to check out events organised at Syntagma Square, which last year included a giant Christmas tree, free carousel rides and a Candy Village. Syntagma Square is also the hotspot on New Year's Eve, with free entertainment usually laid on by the city.

After a short breather, the fun starts up again around mid- February with Apokries, as Greeks call carnival season. This is a time of fancy-dress parties and carnival parades and events organised by local authorities all around Athens.

Do not forget to get your Athens Spotlighted 10 days pass to get the most out of your Athens trip. More info here.



Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
07:05 16:10 SN6402/6501 X X X
07:05 17:20 SN6402/6521 X
07:05 20:55 SN6402/6505 X
07:05 00:45 SN6402/6523 X X X
07:05 01:45 SN6402/6523 X
07:25 20:55 SN7128/7004/6505 X
07:25 00:45 SN7128/7006/6523 X X X
07:25 00:45 SN7128/7010/6523 X X X
07:25 00:45 SN7128/7004/6523 X X
07:25 01:45 SN7128/7004/6523 X
07:25 01:45 SN7128/7006/6523 X
07:25 01:45 SN7128/7010/6523 X
07:25 01:45 SN7128/7012/6523 X
09:45 20:55 SN6415/3802/6505 X
09:45 00:45 SN6415/3802/6523 X X
09:45 01:45 SN6415/3802/6523 X
12:05 20:55 SN6410/6505 X
12:05 00:45 SN6410/6523 X X
12:05 01:45 SN6410/6523 X
12:10 00:45 SN7076/7010/6523 X X X
12:10 01:45 SN7076/7010/6523 X
12:10 01:45 SN7076/7012/6523 X
13:50 00:45 SN3816/6523 X X X
13:50 01:45 SN3816/6523 X
16:05 01:45 SN6404/6523 X
19:55 13:30 SN6406/3245 X X
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