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Flights to Milan

The 'haute couture' city of Milan is one of Italy’s wealthiest cities. Wide boulevards will give you a sample of its riches.

Milan is not really known as a holiday destination. Nor does it have any really important sights. The most important building in the city is the Duomo, with its 135 turrets. This cathedral is 160 metres long and 92 metres wide and has a cross on each tower. The construction of the cathedral was a huge undertaking, which took about 500 years.

Castello Sforzesco, a Renaissance castle with a magnificent peaceful park, is also worth a visit. You also go to Milan to shop, of course, since it is not known as Europe’s city of fashion for nothing. Versace, Armani, Gucci and other major designers have their headquarters in Milan. Let the money roll in …


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06:35 13:40 SN7394/7002/3157 X X X X X
06:35 21:10 SN7394/7002/3159 X X X X X X
06:35 21:10 SN7394/7008/3159 X X X X
06:45 21:10 SN7394/7018/3159 X X
06:45 21:10 SN7394/7006/3159 X X
06:45 21:10 SN7394/7004/3159 X X X X X X
06:45 21:10 SN7394/7010/3159 X X X X X X
08:50 21:10 SN7120/7056/3159 X X X X
08:50 21:10 SN7120/7054/3159 X X X X X
08:50 21:10 SN7120/7058/3159 X X X X X
10:05 21:10 SN7118/7008/3159 X X X X
10:05 21:10 SN7118/7004/3159 X X X X X
10:05 21:10 SN7118/7010/3159 X X X X X
10:10 21:10 SN7118/7006/3159 X
13:10 21:10 SN7086/7058/3159 X X X X X X
14:00 21:10 SN7084/7010/3159 X X X X X X
16:45 08:05 SN7098/7062/3153 X X X X X X
18:35 08:05 SN7398/7014/3153 X X X X
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