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Flights to Bastia

Caught between the sea and the mountains, Bastia is a timeless city that offers many hidden places to explore.

Located in the north-east, Bastia is Corsica’s most important commercial port city and its main link to the European mainland. This thriving city effortlessly combines its economic importance with its rich historic value.

Walking through Bastia, it is easy to understand why the French refer to the place as a ‘City of Art and History’. Bastia is divided into two districts: fascinating Terra-Vecchia, with its winding, narrow streets and 18th century buildings, and Terra-Nuova which holds the Genoese citadel offering a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea, the Tuscan Archipelago and the island of Elba. Between the two districts lies Place Saint-Nicolas, one of France’s largest town squares. With its many café terraces and shops, it is definitely Bastia’s most bustling location and a stop here comes highly recommended.

Bastia has always been a port city and these days, it has three different ports. While the two modern ports are used mainly for commercial reasons, the old harbour is still used by leisure and fishing boats. Even if you are not planning on taking a boat trip, the charming old harbour itself is worth a visit.

Bastia is also located at the base of Cap Corse, a 40-km long peninsula which forms the northern tip of the island and offers an exceptionally beautiful coast line. In addition, its inland mountain landscape and picturesque villages make it a favoured destination for hikers and nature lovers.

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