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Flights to Philadelphia

Philadelphia has all the facilities that make a modern city attractive to visitors: sights, culture and shops.

Philadelphia is a city in the State of Pennsylvania with about 1.5 million inhabitants. Although the city is about 120 km away from the coast, it has a very important harbour that is accessible to ocean-going vessels. One of the most important sights is the National Historical Park. In this park you will find Independence Hall with the Liberty Bell, Congress Hall and the Supreme Court building. 

Other tourist attractions include Christ Church, where Benjamin Franklin is buried, and City Hall with its 170-metre high tower. Important museums include the Museum of the Academy of Fine Arts and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Theatre is also an important aspect of Philadelphia. Many theatre productions are shown in Philadelphia before going on première on Broadway. 


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06:30 19:14 SN2288/8801/9366 X X X X X X X
06:30 22:54 SN2288/515/9364 X X X X X
06:30 22:54 SN2288/8801/9364 X X X X X
12:00 22:54 SN2282/515/9364 X
17:35 19:14 SN2284/8801/9366 X X X X X X
17:35 22:54 SN2284/8801/9364 X X X X
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