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Flights to Atlanta

Atlanta is a city with a large number of museums, theatres, historic buildings and monuments. You certainly won’t be bored here. 

Atlanta is the capital and biggest city in the State of Georgia and has a population of about 450,000. It is an important industrial, commercial and financial centre in the south-eastern United States. Martin Luther King was born and buried in Atlanta. The headquarters of Coca Cola and CNN are situated here.

Important sights include the Carter Presidential Center, botanical gardens, the Chastain Park Ampitheatre and the Olympic village. In the evening, you can discover Underground Atlanta and enjoy the large number of jazz cafés you will find there.


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06:05 14:50 SN7013/7242 X X X X X X
07:05 14:50 SN7015/7242 X X X X X X X
12:00 18:43 SN8801/9018 X X X X X X X
12:00 23:35 SN8801/9016 X X X X
13:20 14:50 SN3169/7352/7242 X X X X
15:05 14:50 SN7005/7242 X X X X X X
15:10 14:50 SN2825/7148/7242 X X X X X
15:10 14:50 SN2825/7146/7242 X X X X X X
16:05 14:50 SN2317/7066/7242 X X X X X X
16:15 23:35 SN515/9016 X X X X
16:30 14:50 SN2811/7122/7242 X X X X X
16:30 14:50 SN2811/7090/7242 X X X X X X
17:05 14:50 SN7007/7242 X X X X X X X
18:25 14:55 SN1591/7356/7242 X
18:45 14:50 SN3291/7356/7242 X X X X X X X
19:05 14:50 SN7009/7242 X X X X X X X
20:40 14:50 SN2319/7066/7242 X X X X X X
20:50 14:50 SN2829/7148/7242 X X X X X
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