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Flights to San Francisco

San Francisco is frequently described as the best holiday destination by experts, and who are we to contradict them?

San Francisco is in the State of California and has the biggest natural harbour on the western coast of the US. The city is actually surrounded by water on three sides and built on about forty hills. Two important sights are the Transamerica Pyramid Building, which is an office building in the form of a 260-metre-high pyramid, and Mission Dolores, which is a mission with a small church built for converted Native Americans.

No visit to San Francisco would be complete without a ride in a cable car. 
San Francisco has about twenty interesting museums, some of which are to be found in the Golden Gate Park. In this park, the Japanese Tea Garden is worth a visit. Alacatraz is a rocky island in the bay of San Francisco where America’s most notorious prison was once located. Today it has become a major tourist attraction. 


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
18:40 12:45 SN1602/7015/7248 X
18:40 18:30 SN1602/8803/8819 X
18:40 18:57 SN1602/501/8823 X
18:40 19:05 SN1602/7051/7252 X
18:40 19:05 SN1602/7055/7252 X
18:40 20:09 SN1602/8801/8929 X
18:40 20:47 SN1602/8801/8817 X
18:40 23:20 SN1602/515/8889 X
18:40 23:20 SN1602/8801/8889 X
18:40 01:08 SN1602/515/8905 X
18:40 01:08 SN1602/8801/8905 X
18:40 12:45 SN1602/7005/7248 X
18:40 12:45 SN1602/7007/7248 X
18:40 12:45 SN1602/7009/7248 X
19:00 12:45 SN3842/7015/7248 X
19:00 18:30 SN3842/8803/8819 X
19:00 18:57 SN3842/501/8823 X
19:00 19:05 SN3842/7051/7252 X
19:00 19:05 SN3842/7055/7252 X
19:00 20:09 SN3842/8801/8929 X
19:00 20:47 SN3842/8801/8817 X
19:00 23:20 SN3842/515/8889 X
19:00 23:20 SN3842/8801/8889 X
19:00 01:08 SN3842/515/8905 X
19:00 01:08 SN3842/8801/8905 X
19:00 12:45 SN3842/7005/7248 X
19:00 12:45 SN3842/7007/7248 X
19:00 12:45 SN3842/7009/7248 X
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