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Flights to Zurich

Zurich is the biggest but also the most accessible city in Switzerland and most of it can easily be traversed on foot, making it ideal for walkers.

Visitors to Zurich can wander through the old town, enjoy the many parks and stroll along the quayside by the lake. The shopping streets are particularly pedestrian friendly. Life in Zurich is certainly not low-priced. The streets are dominated by luxury fur, antique businesses and chic chocolatiers.

The large number of banks means that Zurich is best known as the financial centre of Switzerland. Culture lovers will also enjoy Zurich, since the city has over 30 museums and 100 art galleries. The “Kunsthaus”, with works by Rodin, Matisse and Munch, and the Swiss National Museum, with information about the history of Switzerland, are certainly worth a visit.


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
18:40 08:20 SN1602/5101 X
18:40 11:10 SN1602/5103 X
18:40 16:15 SN1602/5107 X
18:40 20:00 SN1602/5111 X
19:00 08:20 SN3842/5101 X
19:00 11:10 SN3842/5103 X
19:00 16:15 SN3842/5107 X
19:00 20:00 SN3842/5111 X
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