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Flights to Geneva

Geneva is a city with an international personality, a beautiful old town and an attractive flair. 

After Zurich, Geneva is the biggest city in Switzerland and home to a number of important international organisations, including the United Nations, the Red Cross and the World Health Organisation. Geneva is on the banks of one of Europe’s biggest lakes, close to the Jura Mountains and the Alps. Its unique location and magnificent setting have turned Geneva into a top destination for tourists. 

Geneva is best known for its huge fountain and its beautiful old city centre. You can wander round the shops for hours and take a snack in a typical bistro. Geneva is also an outstanding city for art-lovers. After all, the city has over 30 museums with excellent collections.


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
19:00 10:05 SN3842/2713 X
19:00 12:15 SN3842/2715 X
19:00 16:40 SN3842/2719 X
19:00 18:20 SN3842/2721 X
19:00 20:30 SN3842/2723 X
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