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Flights to Manchester

Manchester is a cool English city with a large number of interesting sights. It is also home to Manchester United, one of Europe’s greatest football clubs.

Manchester is one of England’s biggest cities, with a large stock of housing that was preserved from the Victorian era. Tourist attractions include the Lowry Centre, the Cathedral from 1847 and the neo-Gothic town hall with a tower of about 90 metres high. It provides a magnificent view of the city.  

Culture lovers should also visit the Manchester Museum and the Art Gallery, which has one of England’s most prestigious collections of art. The Jewish Museum is also a major attraction. The building was originally a synagogue, constructed in the Moorish style. Football fans will certainly enjoy themselves in Manchester if they include a visit to Old Trafford, the football stadium of Manchester United, in their itinerary. 


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
15:10 20:55 SN2372/2183 X X
06:20 16:55 SN7360/7004/2177 X
06:20 16:55 SN7360/7000/2177 X X
06:20 16:55 SN7360/7002/2177 X X
06:20 16:55 SN7360/7018/2177 X X
06:20 20:55 SN7360/7004/2183 X
06:20 20:55 SN7360/7000/2183 X X
06:20 20:55 SN7360/7002/2183 X X
06:20 20:55 SN7360/7018/2183 X X
06:20 20:55 SN7360/7006/2183 X X
06:20 20:55 SN7360/7010/2183 X X
15:05 20:55 SN7092/7010/2183 X X X
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