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Flights to Lisbon

Lisbon is a living city with a rich history and a large number of monuments, churches and castles, which define the appearance of the city.

Lisbon is not just the capital of Portugal, but also its cultural and historical centre, with a large number of sights to visit. Let’s start with the Torre de Bélem. This tower is built in Renaissance style and is surrounded by water on three sides. From the 16th to the 19th century, the tower and the attached monastery were used as a prison. 

Another attraction is the Praça do Comércio, a magnificent square with a 19th century triumphal arch, that is surrounded by Neoclassical government buildings. Art lovers must visit the Gulbenkian, a museum with paintings by Manet, Degas, Renoir and other painters. In addition to paintings, you can also admire jewels, tapestries and furniture. 


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06:20 13:10 SN7360/7000/3815 X X X X X X
06:20 13:10 SN7360/7002/3815 X X X X X X
06:20 13:15 SN7360/7000/6403 X X X X X X
06:20 13:15 SN7360/7002/6403 X X X X X X
06:20 18:15 SN7360/7018/6409 X
06:20 18:15 SN7360/7000/6409 X X X X X
06:20 18:15 SN7360/7002/6409 X X X X X
06:20 18:15 SN7360/7004/6409 X X X X X
06:20 22:20 SN7360/7018/6405 X X
06:20 22:20 SN7360/7006/6405 X X
06:20 22:20 SN7360/7000/6405 X X X X X X
06:20 22:20 SN7360/7002/6405 X X X X X X
06:20 22:20 SN7360/7004/6405 X X X X X X
06:20 22:20 SN7360/7010/6405 X X X X X X
06:20 22:20 SN7360/7008/6405 X X X X
06:35 13:10 SN7360/7002/3815 X
06:35 13:15 SN7360/7002/6403 X
06:35 18:15 SN7360/7002/6409 X
06:35 18:15 SN7360/7018/6409 X
06:35 18:15 SN7360/7004/6409 X
06:35 22:20 SN7360/7002/6405 X
06:35 22:20 SN7360/7018/6405 X
06:35 22:20 SN7360/7004/6405 X
06:35 22:20 SN7360/7006/6405 X
06:35 22:20 SN7360/7010/6405 X
15:05 22:20 SN7092/7010/6405 X X X X X X
15:05 08:00 SN7092/7012/6401 X X X X X
15:05 08:00 SN7092/7010/6401 X X X X X X
15:05 08:00 SN7092/7014/6401 X X X X X X
15:10 22:20 SN2372/6405 X X X X
15:10 23:00 SN2372/7009/7079 X X X X
15:10 23:00 SN2372/7011/7079 X X
15:10 08:00 SN2372/6401 X X X X
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