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Flights to Malta

Malta is a mixture of 7,000 years of history, a living present and an extremely mild climate, which make it an excellent holiday destination for sun-seekers and people interested in culture.  

The island’s historic past is still clearly visible in the form of the large number of monuments protected by UNESCO. You must certainly visit Valletta, the capital of Malta, with all its castles, palaces and fortresses. Other tourist attractions include the Grand Harbour, which is one of the most beautiful natural harbours in Europe, and the Blue Grotto, a magnificent cave with beautiful underwater flora.

Mdina, the Silent Town, is also worth a visit. This former capital is much older than Valletta and has been able to preserve its typical medieval atmosphere. Away from the cities, Marsaxlokk is certainly a tourist attraction. This typical fishing village will take you back in time and give you a taste of the lively atmosphere of Malta. 


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06:20 22:35 SN7360/7018/4001 X X
06:20 22:35 SN7360/7006/4001 X X
06:20 22:35 SN7360/7000/4001 X X X X X X
06:20 22:35 SN7360/7002/4001 X X X X X X
06:20 22:35 SN7360/7004/4001 X X X X X X
06:20 22:35 SN7360/7010/4001 X X X X X X
06:20 22:35 SN7360/7008/4001 X X X X
06:35 22:35 SN7360/7002/4001 X
06:35 22:35 SN7360/7018/4001 X
06:35 22:35 SN7360/7004/4001 X
06:35 22:35 SN7360/7006/4001 X
06:35 22:35 SN7360/7010/4001 X
15:05 22:35 SN7092/7010/4001 X X X X X X
15:10 22:35 SN2372/4001 X X X X
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