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Flights to Turin

Turin is generally best known for Juventus football club and Fiat cars. But Turin has so much more to offer than these two attractions.

Most of Turin’s historic buildings were constructed in the Baroque style. One of the few examples of Renaissance architecture is the Duomo, which is a 16th-century cathedral containing the Turin Shroud. The most beautiful building in Turin is the 17th-century Palazzo Carignano, the birthplace of Victor Emanuel II, the first king of Italy. 

In the late 19th century, the Fiat car company was set up in Turin and became a mainstay of Turin’s economy, a position it has retained up to the present. Museo dell’ Automobile displays the full history of the motor car, and of Fiat in particular. Another well-known museum is Museo Egizio, which is one of the most important Egyptian museums in the world. One of the most striking buildings in Turin is the 167-metre-high Mole Antonelliana, which completely dominates the skyline.



Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06:20 21:00 SN7360/7004/3195 X
06:20 21:00 SN7360/7000/3195 X X
06:20 21:00 SN7360/7002/3195 X X
06:20 21:00 SN7360/7018/3195 X X
06:20 21:00 SN7360/7006/3195 X X
06:20 21:00 SN7360/7010/3195 X X
15:05 21:00 SN7092/7010/3195 X X
15:10 21:00 SN2372/3195 X
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