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Let's get you upgraded!

Plusgrade allows you to make an offer to fly in a higher cabin class and enjoy all its comfort and services! And you name the price!

How does it work?

  • After you have booked your flight on this website and if your itinerary is eligible, you will be invited to make an offer to upgrade to a higher class, from your booking confirmation page and confirmation e-mail
  • Name your price to upgrade each leg of your flight and follow the simple steps to confirm your offer.
  • 72 hours prior to departure, we’ll notify you via e-mail if your request for an upgrade has been approved or not.
  • You can place an offer, modify or cancel an existing offer up to 72 hours prior to your flight’s scheduled departure time, by logging in Manage My Flight and selecting Plusgrade This is also the case if you purchased your ticket via our customer contact centre, airport ticketing office or your travel agency. 


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Free travel guides

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Train tickets with NMBS

After arrival, the fastest way to get to your final destination is by train. Brussels Airport has its own train station. Avoid stressful situations and buy your ticket upfront.