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Our website enables you to book only up to 9 passengers at a time. However at Brussels Airlines, we also accept groups – meaning parties of minimum 10 passengers travelling together on flights operated by Brussels Airlines (no codeshare flight) – and even offer special conditions to accomodate such parties. Although the fare may be different from the one found on our website for travel by individuals (up to 9 passengers), you may find that the terms and conditions of booking a group may suit you better. The specific group conditions include among others:
  • Pay the same price for all participants of the group;
  • Book now and pay later;
  • Enjoy the flexibility to forward and/or change names up to 1 week prior to departure.
To get a price quote and more information for a group trip you are planning, please complete the form below. One of our agents will send you a fare proposal within 2 working days at the latest.
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