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Flights to Helsinki

Helsinki is a lively city, which never gets dark in the summer. You can therefore enjoy everything it has to offer 24 hours a day.

Helsinki is the capital of Finland and is a very busy city, especially in the summer. You will have all the time in the world to enjoy the many sights, since it never gets completely dark at night from June to September. You should certainly visit Suomenlinna, an island in Helsinki’s harbour with an old fort.

Other tourist attractions include Finlandiatalo, a concert hall made of white marble, and the stadium for the 1952 Olympic Games. In front of the stadium stands the monument to Paavo Nurmi, the legendary long-distance runner, and the tower, which has a height of 72 metres, giving you a magnificent view of the city. One of the most important sights in Helsinki is situated some distance from the centre. A cavern has been excavated out of rock from above using explosives and covered with a dome of glass and copper, creating a unique sight.


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06:55 17:10 SN3152/7017/7103 X X
06:55 17:10 SN3152/7001/7103 X X
06:55 17:10 SN3152/7003/7103 X X
08:40 17:10 SN3154/7003/7103 X X X
12:00 00:05 SN3148/7005/7105 X X
12:00 00:05 SN3148/7007/7105 X X X
12:00 01:45 SN3148/7005/7107 X
12:00 01:45 SN3148/7007/7107 X X
12:00 01:45 SN3148/7009/7107 X X
17:45 00:05 SN7096/7105 X X X X
17:45 01:45 SN7096/7107 X X X
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