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Edinburgh is the capital and the cultural center of Scotland. Thanks to its acropolis it’s often called the "Athens of the north", but the beautiful city has much more to offer. Both the densely populated old town and the Georgian new town have great charm and are certainly worth a visit.

The absolute top attraction is definitely Edinburgh Castle, located on Castle Rock. It dominates the skyline of the city and attracts more than 3 million visitors every year who visit the castle’s Royal Palace, the St. Margaret’s Chapel and one of the several shops and restaurants.

Edinburgh begins each year with the much-loved New Year Hogmanay celebrations, and the merry-making continues all year long with numerous festivals like the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival.

The only source of complaint by Edinburgh visitors is the weather. The chance of having rain during your trip is rather big, even in the summer months. But don’t let that spoil the fun, just buy a good umbrella and discover all the beauty Edinburgh has to offer.

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Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
01:20 12:20 SN3292/2063 X
01:20 15:00 SN3292/2063 X X X X X
01:20 16:00 SN3292/2063 X
05:00 12:20 SN7356/7002/2063 X
05:00 15:00 SN7356/7002/2063 X
05:00 15:00 SN7356/7018/2063 X
05:00 22:00 SN7356/7002/2065 X X
05:00 22:00 SN7356/7018/2065 X X
05:00 22:00 SN7356/7004/2065 X X
05:00 22:00 SN7356/7006/2065 X X
05:00 22:00 SN7356/7010/2065 X X
05:10 12:20 SN7166/7052/2063 X
05:10 15:00 SN7166/7054/2063 X
05:10 21:50 SN7166/7052/2065 X
05:10 22:00 SN7166/7056/2065 X
05:10 22:00 SN7166/7054/2065 X X
05:10 22:00 SN7166/7058/2065 X X
05:10 22:00 SN7166/7060/2065 X X
05:30 16:00 SN7166/7054/2063 X
05:30 16:00 SN7356/7018/2063 X
05:30 16:00 SN7356/7004/2063 X
07:30 22:00 SN7168/7004/2065 X
07:30 22:00 SN7168/7008/2065 X
07:30 22:00 SN7168/7010/2065 X
08:00 21:50 SN7168/7006/2065 X
08:00 22:00 SN7168/7008/2065 X
08:00 22:00 SN7168/7004/2065 X X
08:00 22:00 SN7168/7010/2065 X X
16:00 22:00 SN3290/2065 X X X X
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