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Flights to Birmingham

Birmingham has everything that a tourist could wish for: culture, history, beautiful parks and a large number of museums. It is an ideal destination for a city trip.

Everyone imagines Birmingham to be an uninteresting industrial city. Nothing could be further from the truth. Over the past few years, Birmingham has transformed itself into a tourist magnet, with beautiful country houses, museums and castles, including the Kenilworth Castle and the Warwick Castle. Birmingham’s nightlife is also a genuine attraction.

Birmingham was once known as the canal city, not because of the number of canals but because of their total length of about 55 kilometres. Important tourist attractions include the National Sea Life Centre, the botanical gardens and the cathedral, a beautiful baroque building with magnificent stained-glass windows. Birmingham also has a number of well-known museums, such as the City Museum and Art Gallery and Thinktank, a museum of science and discovery.


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
01:00 09:55 SN1592/2037 X
01:00 17:15 SN1592/2047 X
01:20 09:55 SN3292/2037 X X X X X
01:20 17:15 SN3292/2047 X X X X X
05:00 17:15 SN7356/7004/2047 X X X X
05:00 17:15 SN7356/7002/2047 X X X X X
05:00 17:15 SN7356/7018/2047 X X X X X
05:00 21:20 SN7356/7004/2049 X X X X X
05:00 21:20 SN7356/7002/2049 X X X X X X
05:00 21:20 SN7356/7018/2049 X X X X X X
05:00 21:20 SN7356/7006/2049 X X X X X X
05:00 21:20 SN7356/7010/2049 X X X X X X
05:10 17:15 SN7166/7052/2047 X
05:10 17:15 SN7166/7054/2047 X
05:10 17:15 SN7166/7056/2047 X
05:10 21:20 SN7166/7052/2049 X
05:10 21:20 SN7166/7056/2049 X
05:10 21:20 SN7166/7058/2049 X
05:10 21:20 SN7166/7054/2049 X X
05:10 21:20 SN7166/7060/2049 X X
08:00 17:15 SN7168/7004/2047 X
08:00 21:20 SN7168/7004/2049 X X
08:00 21:20 SN7168/7006/2049 X X
08:00 21:20 SN7168/7010/2049 X X
16:00 21:20 SN3290/2049 X X X X
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