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Flights to Seville

Seville is the most beautiful city in southern Spain and is the stimulating centre of Andalusia. The variety of Seville’s architecture makes it a leading tourist attraction.

Seville’s long-term status as an administrative centre has left its mark in the form of majestic buildings and architectural gems. You should not miss the Alcazar, which was originally an Arab fortress but was converted into a palace by the Christians. The cathedral in the city centre is also impressive, with its 76-metre-high tower. Although it has not been proven officially, people say that Columbus was burried in this cathedral.

During your visit to Seville, you can take a pleasant stroll through the Santa Cruz district, which is actually the old town centre. In addition to a large number of narrow streets, magnificent balconies and old-fashioned patios, you will also find the tapas bars that are typical of the city. Tapas are small dishes and you will need to order about 5 of them for a proper meal. For a romantic walk, we recommend the banks of the Guadalquivir River, which runs straight through the old town.


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
01:20 13:00 SN3292/3747 X
01:20 14:00 SN3292/3747 X
01:20 20:00 SN3292/3747 X
16:00 13:00 SN3290/3747 X
16:00 14:00 SN3290/3747 X
05:30 20:00 SN7166/7054/3747 X
05:30 20:00 SN7356/7018/3747 X
05:30 20:00 SN7356/7004/3747 X
05:30 20:00 SN7356/7006/3747 X
16:30 13:00 SN7112/7016/3747 X
16:30 13:00 SN7112/7000/3747 X
16:30 13:00 SN7112/7014/3747 X
16:30 14:00 SN7112/7016/3747 X
16:30 14:00 SN7112/7000/3747 X
16:30 14:00 SN7112/7002/3747 X
16:30 14:00 SN7112/7014/3747 X
16:30 20:00 SN7112/7016/3747 X
16:30 20:00 SN7112/7000/3747 X
16:30 20:00 SN7112/7002/3747 X
16:30 20:00 SN7112/7018/3747 X
16:30 20:00 SN7112/7004/3747 X
16:30 20:00 SN7112/7006/3747 X
16:30 20:00 SN7112/7014/3747 X
17:20 14:00 SN7110/7050/3747 X
17:20 14:00 SN7110/7052/3747 X
17:20 14:00 SN7110/7062/3747 X
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