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Flights to Morocco


Morocco has much to offer: modern cities, mediaeval mountain villages, green woods, scorching deserts, skiing and magnificent pearl-white beaches. Situated in the extreme north west of Africa, Morocco is very close to Europe. Spain and Morocco are separated by the Strait of Gibraltar, which is barely 12 kilometres wide. Morocco has a coastline of 2,500 kilometres on the Atlantic and 450 kilometres on the Mediterranean.

  • Agadir

    Completely rebuilt in the 1960's, Agadir is today Morocco's premier coastal resort and a major touristic destination.
  • Casablanca

    With its large bustling boulevards and tall white buildings, Casablanca is a symbol of modern Morocco that looks to the future.
  • Marrakech

    Welcome to the city after which the Kingdom of Morocco was named. The beautiful and mysterious "red city", is the preferred leisure destination in Morocco.

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