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Flights to Southampton

Southampton can most easily be described as a city of sport and the port of the Titanic. However, the city also has much more to offer tourists.

Southampton is one of the greenest cities in England and is known for its beautiful parks, magnificent gardens and abundance of water sports facilities. The best time for a visit to this city is between April and September, when the days are long. Southampton has a solid sporting tradition. It is not just tops for football and cricket, since many athletes also come from this region. 

The most important event of the year in Southampton is the Balloon and Flower Festival. Over 150,000 people come to the city on that particular summer weekend to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and the magnificent displays. Southampton is also the city from which the famous Titanic departed on a voyage from which it was never to return. You can find out all about this sunken ship in the Maritime Museum.


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