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Flights to Copenhagen

Copenhagen is popular among tourists for its colourful cottages surrounding the harbour, its friendly old town and its large number of sights. 

Copenhagen is situated on the Danish island of Sjaeland, in the east of Denmark. Copenhagen has the most favourable climate of all the Scandinavian cities. If you visit Copenhagen, you must certainly go and see the “Little Mermaid”, which is the symbol of the city. This small green statue sits on one of the rocks in the harbour, looking out to sea. 

In the middle of Copenhagen, there is Tivoli, one of the world’s best known amusement parks. This park, which is over 150 years old, has numerous cafés, restaurants and theatres, in addition to many other attractions. Other important sights include Christiansborg, which is a magnificent palace complex, and Rosenborg, a magnificent Renaissance castle.


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
14:15 20:25 SN3246/2263 X X X
14:15 22:20 SN3246/2265 X X X
08:30 17:45 SN6502/2259 X X X X X X
08:30 20:25 SN6502/2263 X X X X X
08:30 22:20 SN6502/2265 X X X X X X X
13:20 20:25 SN6506/2263 X X
13:20 22:20 SN6506/2265 X X
17:00 22:20 SN6524/2265 X X X X X X X
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