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Flights to Prague

Prague is beautifully situated on the Vltava River and is the main cultural and historical attraction of the Czech Republic.

With its large number of cathedrals and churches, Prague was once known as the city of a hundred towers. A full range of artistic styles, from baroque to cubism, are also to be found in the buildings of Prague. It is usually very busy in the Old Town. Tourists wander through the mediaeval alleyways. Most of the sights are close together and can therefore be easily visited on foot.

The main tourist attraction of Prague is the Charles Bridge, which is the most beautiful and longest mediaeval bridge in Europe. Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral and the Royal Palace are also worth a visit. The New Town has a completely different character, with wide streets and large squares. One of the most beautiful views of the city can be obtained from Petrin Hill, with its sixty-metre-high tower. 


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
08:30 18:00 SN3632/2811 X X X X X X
12:25 18:00 SN3634/2811 X X X X X X
12:25 22:15 SN3634/2815 X X X X X X
06:25 18:00 SN4214/2811 X X X X X X
08:30 13:20 SN3632/7001/7121 X X X X X X X
08:30 17:10 SN3632/7019/7125 X X X
08:30 17:10 SN3632/7001/7125 X X X X X X X
08:30 17:10 SN3632/7003/7125 X X X X X X X
08:30 18:20 SN3632/7019/7123 X X X
08:30 18:20 SN3632/7001/7123 X X X X X
08:30 18:20 SN3632/7003/7123 X X X X X
08:30 18:20 SN3632/7005/7123 X X X X X
12:25 18:20 SN3634/7005/7123 X X X X X
12:25 22:55 SN3634/7007/7091 X X X
12:25 22:55 SN3634/7005/7091 X X X X X X X
12:25 22:55 SN3634/7009/7091 X X X X X X X
12:25 22:55 SN3634/7011/7091 X X X X
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