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Flights to Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the biggest city in Israel and is also the main cultural and financial centre of the country. Tel Aviv was actually the capital of Israel for a short time, until 1949, when Jerusalem became the capital. Many ministries and embassies are still situated in Tel Aviv. The city is known for its beautiful beaches, interesting cultural life, excellent shopping streets and a wild nightlife that goes on until the early hours of the morning.

Important sights include Ben Gurion House, the former home of Israel’s first Prime Minister. Eretz Israel Museum Complex, which contains a number of buildings with superb collections, is also worth a visit. There is also the Founders Monument, which was specially created to commemorate the founders of Israel, and Independence Hall, the historic building where Israel declared its independence.


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06:20 15:25 SN7108/7111 X X X X X X X
06:20 00:10 SN7108/7018/3291 X X X
06:20 00:10 SN7108/7006/3291 X X X
06:20 00:10 SN7108/7002/3291 X X X X X X X
06:20 00:10 SN7108/7004/3291 X X X X X X X
06:20 00:10 SN7108/7008/3291 X X X X
06:20 00:35 SN7108/7355 X X X X X X X
07:30 15:25 SN7106/7111 X X X X X X X
07:30 00:10 SN7106/7018/3291 X X X
07:30 00:10 SN7106/7004/3291 X X X X X X X
07:30 00:10 SN7106/7008/3291 X X X X
07:30 00:35 SN7106/7355 X X X X X X X
07:30 02:40 SN7106/7167 X X X
07:35 00:10 SN7106/7006/3291 X X X
13:50 00:10 SN7102/7008/3291 X X X X
13:50 00:35 SN7102/7355 X X X X X X X
13:50 02:40 SN7102/7167 X X X
18:25 02:40 SN7104/7167 X X X
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