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Flights to Casablanca

With its large bustling boulevards and tall white buildings, Casablanca is a symbol of modern Morocco that looks to the future.

Beach-lovers will find much to their taste in Casablanca, which is actually Morocco’s biggest city. There are excellent restaurants, marvellous swimming pools, beautiful beaches and a great many Oriental sights, including the famous Hassan II Mosque with its 220-metre high minaret.

The working-class districts should also not be missed by anyone who fancies a stroll around local markets, buying souvenirs in the bazaars or eating a tasty meal in one of the numerous eating-places. It is easy and cheap to get around in Casablanca. Simply take a “Petit Taxi”, a kind of mini-taxi for no more than 3 people.


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06:20 16:05 SN7108/7002/4053 X X X
06:20 16:05 SN7108/7018/4053 X X
06:20 20:00 SN7108/7018/4055 X
06:20 20:00 SN7108/7006/4055 X
06:20 20:00 SN7108/7002/4055 X X X X X
06:20 20:00 SN7108/7004/4055 X X X X X
06:20 23:00 SN7108/7002/4057 X X
06:20 23:00 SN7108/7018/4057 X X
06:20 23:00 SN7108/7004/4057 X X
06:20 23:00 SN7108/7006/4057 X X
06:20 23:00 SN7108/7010/4057 X X
07:30 20:00 SN7106/7018/4055 X
07:30 20:00 SN7106/7006/4055 X
07:30 20:00 SN7106/7004/4055 X X X X X
07:35 16:05 SN7106/7018/4053 X X
07:35 23:00 SN7106/7018/4057 X X
07:35 23:00 SN7106/7004/4057 X X
07:35 23:00 SN7106/7006/4057 X X
07:35 23:00 SN7106/7010/4057 X X
13:50 23:00 SN7102/7010/4057 X X
18:25 16:05 SN7104/7016/4053 X X X
18:25 16:05 SN7104/7000/4053 X X X
18:25 16:05 SN7104/7002/4053 X X X
18:25 16:05 SN7104/7014/4053 X X X
18:25 16:05 SN7104/7018/4053 X X
18:25 20:00 SN7104/7018/4055 X
18:25 20:00 SN7104/7006/4055 X
18:25 20:00 SN7104/7016/4055 X X X X X
18:25 20:00 SN7104/7000/4055 X X X X X
18:25 20:00 SN7104/7002/4055 X X X X X
18:25 20:00 SN7104/7004/4055 X X X X X
18:25 20:00 SN7104/7014/4055 X X X X X
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