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Flights to Agadir

Completely rebuilt in the 1960's, Agadir is today Morocco's premier coastal resort and a major touristic destination.

Featuring a beautiful beach (probably Morocco's most beautiful), Agadir is the perfect destination to relax and enjoy the sun, watersports (from surfboards to jetski's), or just rent a horse or a camel for a nice ride.

Nightlife is vibrant in Agadir and while bars are usually only open until midnight, nightclubs are open until dawn: the perfect moment to put that pair of sun glasses back on again and see the sun rising


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06:20 09:15 SN7108/7018/3845 X
06:20 09:15 SN7108/7004/3845 X
06:20 09:15 SN7108/7006/3845 X
06:20 09:15 SN7108/7010/3845 X
06:20 09:15 SN7108/7014/3845 X
07:35 09:15 SN7106/7018/3845 X
07:35 09:15 SN7106/7004/3845 X
07:35 09:15 SN7106/7006/3845 X
07:35 09:15 SN7106/7010/3845 X
07:35 09:15 SN7106/7014/3845 X
13:50 09:15 SN7102/7010/3845 X
13:50 09:15 SN7102/7014/3845 X
18:25 09:15 SN7104/7014/3845 X
18:25 09:15 SN7104/7018/3845 X
18:25 09:15 SN7104/7004/3845 X
18:25 09:15 SN7104/7006/3845 X
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