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Flights to Freetown

Freetown still shows signs of its history as a point of return for liberated slaves. The capital of Sierra Leone therefore has much to appeal to those interested in history.

Freetown, which is situated on a peninsula in the Atlantic Ocean, is the economic and administrative centre of the country and also has one of the few natural harbours in West Africa. Freetown was founded in 1787 and then became the home of liberated slaves. This history is still obvious to visitors to this fascinating city. For example, Freetown is divided into a number of districts that were created when each nationality of slaves founded its own district.

Fort Thornton, which is now the presidential palace, and St. George’s Cathedral are highly recommended as historic sights. You should, of course, also pay a visit to one of the large number of churches and mosques.


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06:25 17:00 SN3732/243 X
06:25 17:00 SN3732/241 X X
17:35 17:00 SN3728/241 X X
17:35 17:00 SN3728/243 X
21:05 17:00 SN3730/241 X X
21:05 17:00 SN3730/243 X
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