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Flights to Luanda

Luanda, the capital of Angola, is on the Atlantic coast. It has beautiful beaches and a number of sights.

The sights to be found in the centre of Luanda include a Military Museum, the National Anthropological Museum and Roque Santeiro, a huge open-air market. Futungo market, which is just outside the city, is Angola’s biggest arts and crafts market. Every Sunday, the market is transformed into a truly popular festival by musicians and dancers in local traditional costumes.

The Slavery Museum is about 25 kilometres from the centre of Luanda and contains objects and documents from the time of the slave trade. It is estimated that 3 million slaves were shipped from Angola.


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06:25 18:25 SN3732/359 X X
12:35 18:25 SN3722/359 X X X
17:35 18:25 SN3728/359 X X
21:05 18:25 SN3730/359 X X
06:25 05:30 SN3732/7001/7216 X
06:25 05:30 SN3732/7003/7216 X
06:25 05:30 SN3732/7005/7216 X
06:25 05:30 SN3732/7011/7216 X
06:25 05:30 SN3732/7009/7216 X
12:35 05:30 SN3722/7011/7216 X
12:35 05:30 SN3722/7009/7216 X X
12:35 05:30 SN3722/7007/7216 X
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