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Flights to Kinshasa

Kinshasa is a city with modern shops and restaurants, but it is known above all as the birthplace of African music.

It is one of Africa’s biggest cities and is the administrative, economic and cultural centre of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is a cheap city with a very lively nightlife. Kinshasa has suffered greatly from turbulent changes in the past few years. A visit is certainly worthwhile in order to experience the atmosphere of this city.  

A list of sights would fail to do justice to Kinshasa. You must certainly sample the atmosphere of this big African city. Living in Kinshasa is a special experience, since the city is surrounded by countryside full of tropical rainforest and endangered species of animals. 


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06:50 17:45 SN2268/357 X X X
06:50 19:20 SN2268/351 X
06:50 20:35 SN2268/359 X X X
18:15 17:45 SN2260/357 X X X
18:15 19:20 SN2260/351 X
18:15 20:35 SN2260/359 X X
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