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Flights to Abidjan

With their unspoilt nature and marvellous African jungle containing very rare trees, plants and animals, the surrounding areas of Abidjan are well worth a visit.

Abidjan is not the capital of the Ivory Coast, since this is Yamoussoukro, but it is the economic and cultural centre of the country. It now has a population of about three million and is still growing rapidly.

Abidjan is a city with two aspects. On one hand, there are the rich areas, such as the business centre Le Platteau, which is especially popular with French tourists. This district also contains the “Hôtel Ivoire”, Africa’s most famous hotel, which offers a full range of facilities, with a swimming pool and a casino. On the other hand, there are the slum areas, with poverty and violence.


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06:50 17:55 SN2816/255 X
06:50 19:40 SN2816/251 X
06:50 21:50 SN2816/231 X X
11:30 19:40 SN2810/251 X
11:30 21:50 SN2810/231 X
06:00 19:40 SN7090/7000/251 X X
06:00 19:40 SN7090/7002/251 X X
06:00 19:40 SN7090/7018/251 X
11:45 19:40 SN2810/251 X
11:45 21:50 SN2810/231 X
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