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Flights to Moscow

The city of Moscow appeals to the imaginations of many tourists. It can be seen as an open-air museum with the Kremlin as the main attraction.

Moscow’s appearance is characterised by Stalinist buildings and wide avenues. However, there are also buildings from the time of the Tsars. You should start your visit to Moscow with Red Square. This central square is 700 metres long and 130 metres wide. The Kremlin and Lenin’s Mausoleum are utuated on the Red Square. Part of the Kremlin is occupied by the Russian president and his government, but the other buildings are open to the public.

The Palace of Facets, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Uspensky Cathedral and the Gorky House are also worth a visit. Moscow has over 80 museums, some of which have collections of works by world-famous artists. The Tretyakov Gallery and the Armoury are certainly major attractions. You can move easily between the sights on the very rapid metro. What is more, the metro stations are themselves true works of art.


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