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Flights to Gdansk

Gdansk is located on the Polish coast of the Baltic Sea and has an impressive history. Not only the Second World War started in this city, but it’s also the birthplace of Lech Walesa’s Solidarity. Today it’s mainly known as the largest port of Poland, but the historic past still overwhelms the city.

Together with Sopot and Gdynia, Gdansk forms the Tricity. In this metropolitan area you can sunbathe, visit magnificent cultural and historical sites and even shop and going out in the most trendy places. The best place for the last two ones is on the Long Market. Right behind the Golden Gate, you can literally shop till you drop.

But of course you can’t visit Gdansk without discovering the great historic heritage. In the whole city you can still find pieces of its membership of the Hanseatic League. Gdansk also hosts the largest church of Poland, the Church of St. Mary where more than 25.000 people fit in. So as you can see, Gdansk offers a bit of everything!


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06:50 12:30 SN2726/7051/7371 X
07:05 12:30 SN2726/7051/7371 X X X
07:05 16:05 SN2726/7051/7373 X X
07:05 16:05 SN2726/7053/7373 X X
08:15 16:05 SN2712/7053/7373 X X
08:15 20:50 SN2712/7053/7375 X
08:15 20:50 SN2712/7055/7375 X
08:15 20:50 SN2712/7057/7375 X
11:15 20:50 SN2714/7055/7375 X
11:15 20:50 SN2714/7057/7375 X
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