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Flights to Bergen

Bergen, is located on the southwest coast of Norway, at the North Sea. It is the second biggest city in Norway, but has the charm and atmosphere of a small town. The city was elected European City of Culture in 2000.

Surrounded by seven mountains, Bergen is the perfect place to go rambling, hiking and mountain biking. Don’t forget to take a tour on the Unriken643 Panoramic, a cable car that takes you to the highest hill of Bergen. Enjoy a great panoramic view from the summit. If you prefer the boat, than you should definitely take a boat trip to explore the fjords. Rafting or rather ferryboat, it’s up to you to choose how you want to discover the fjords.

Besides outdoor activities, the city has of course a lot more to offer. The cultural heritage of the city can be found in many great sights and museums. Discover for instance, the architectural style at the Old Bergen Museum, the history of the city at the Alvøen Country Mansion and the Bergen Aquarium. Last but not least, Bergen offers great outgoing possibilities with festivals, events and concerts.

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