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Flights to Kigali

Kigali is a small, friendly, beautiful city with a huge variety of trees and flowers situated to the east of Lake Kivu.

Kigali is at the heart of the most important commercial and industrial region of the country. The emphasis is mainly on the coffee and cattle-breeding industries. Kigali has few sights in the form of museums or historic buildings. 

You will therefore have plenty of time to get to know the Rwandan people and their rich and very interesting culture. Visit a local restaurant, talk to people in the street and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of this magnificent city.


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
18:05 18:40 SN2906/463 X X
18:05 18:40 SN2906/465 X X X
21:45 18:40 SN2908/463 X X
21:45 18:40 SN2908/465 X X X
07:05 18:40 SN6002/465 X X X
07:05 18:40 SN6002/463 X X
15:10 18:40 SN6004/463 X X
15:10 18:40 SN6004/465 X X X
17:30 18:40 SN6006/463 X X
17:30 18:40 SN6006/465 X X X
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